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NuTech Seed has been a rapidly growing seed company since its formation in 2001 when its founders brought together over 50 years combined Seedsman experience to start a new soybean company in North Dakota. After a short time, the company began to market into additional Midwest states and expanded the product offerings to include corn and alfalfa. Along the way, NuTech Seed purchased the Production Partners and Brownseed brands and enveloped them into the NuTech Seed brand. In 2006, NuTech Seed merged with AgSource Seeds to create a cohesive regional brand since the two companies were marketing to complimentary geographies. This merger provided better opportunities for our customers, dealers and managers. Shortly after the merger, NuTech Seed entered into an agreement that allowed us the opportunity to distribute additional genetics and trait combinations to further enhance our product lineups. In late 2010, this relationship was taken to the next level with the purchase of NuTech Seed by DuPont Pioneer.


– Thompson Seeds was  started in 1976

– AgSource Seeds was founded in 1993
– NuTech Seed was founded in 2001
– Merged with AgSource in 2006

– Purchased by DuPont Pioneer in 2010