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015™* Series

G2® Genetics brand 015™* series looks like it will be a very good compliment to the 713™* series which has performed very well in my irrigated area.

- Troy Westadt
Cambridge, Nebraska

183™ Series

I noticed how well the performance of 5N-183™ has been in the NDSU trials. To me that counts a lot on what varieties I choose for my fields. I planted it in 2015 and was really impressed with it!

- Direct Ag Supply
Mandan, North Dakota

196™* Series

We have been planting NuTech Seed the last 4 years, and the last three years we have been 100% NuTech corn and beans. This will be our 3rd season planting the G2® Genetics brand 196™* series. Last year 196 was a MSU State Champion. We can count on 196 to give us the drydown that we like and the ability to out yield most of the 102 day competition. Our opinion is that any grower that plants a 96 day hybrid should plant this one!

- Robert & Donald Rau
Fairgrove, Michigan

308™* Series

I am a beginning farmer whose dad has planted NuTech Seed, plus everything else on the market. My dad has had good performance from NuTech the last two years, and just decided to go 100% NuTech. I think that G2® Genetics brands 308*, 709*, 811*, 713* and 515* are as good as the best and better than the rest. As long as NuTech performs well and is priced fairly, I see no reason to shop around.

- Derek Johannsen
Charter Oak, Iowa


Versatility is what lead me to plant 3273L™. It works extremely well on my poorer, stressed soils and performs very well under irrigation & in high yield environments. I am impressed with Liberty® herbicide as well. My clean fields are the talk of the town and harvest is a breeze since I’m not running weeds through my combine, just lots and lots of soybeans!

- Roger Houdersheldt
Shelby, Nebraska


My growers and I have been very impressed with NuTech Seed soybeans with the LibertyLink® trait and their ability to clean up tough fields. The ability of 3321L™ to branch out and provide canopy has given growers an edge against glyphosate resistant weeds. Good drought tolerance and standability on tougher soils has made it a great match for the area and for my customers.

- Nick Karmazin
Lawrence, Nebraska


3386L™ brand is the number one soybean in my district. It goes everywhere and the top-end yield potential is off the charts. 3386L has the best defensive package of any variety on the market. I really like how it handles Frogeye Leaf Spot and SDS in Missouri. Also, we’ve seen it handle wet feet the last two years which puts another feather in its cap.

- Jason Pehle
Mexico, Missouri

504™* Series

Just when I think our Corn Product Manager has surpassed expectations, he (Jim Bueltel) releases a new product like the G2® Genetics brand 504™* series. With the performance in F.I.R.S.T. and state trials, it’s the one to try to beat! It has outstanding ratings on stress, roots and stalks. That coupled with a medium statured plant, superior continuous corn adaptation and excellent stay green makes it the one to plant along the landlords driveway. Our portfolio offers another trump card in the 100-105 day maturity.

- Brian Thomsen
Clear Lake, Iowa

510™* Series

As a grower and a dealer, when you find a hybrid with such great yield potential, you can’t help but get excited. G2® Genetics brand 510™* series outperformed several other popular hybrids in our area. The 510 series paired with the 713™*, 709™*, 308™* and the 015™* series is a great fit for our area; I would put them up against anybody.

- Chris Freed
Scandia, Kansas

601™* Series

G2® Genetics brand 601™* series is emerging as a lead product in the mid-maturity range for us in southern Minnesota. I have entered it into many Minnesota Corn Growers’ plots and competitors’ plots since it did very well in the F.I.R.S.T. Trials and was real consistent in performance. This product has excellent roots and with the Optimum® AQUAmax® designation it makes this product a good choice for clay hillsides along with heavy ground such as glacial till soils.

- Tim Bartness
Hartland, Minnesota

702™* Series

I have been a seed professional for 35 years. In all of that time, I have never seen a hybrid rise to the top of an independent trial, such as the F.I.R.S.T. trials, and not become a strongly considered hybrid for one’s farming operation. Winning this well respected Northern IL Ultra Early F.I.R.S.T. trial summary makes the choice to plant G2® Genetics brand 702™* series an easy decision for any farmer to make.

- Bryan Crary
Janesville, Wisconsin

713™* Series

The G2® Genetics brand 713™* series has dominated my full season market ever since it entered into the NuTech product line. I have been looking for a hybrid which has this type of performance that achieves maximum yield on our highly productive irrigated fields. 713 has shown it can perform with anything in our full season areas and still stand strong all season.

- Terry Stark
Hazard, Nebraska


7240™ is a very versatile soybean. I have had them on my best ground, my most challenging ground, and on irrigated and dryland soils. I have had them on 36” ridge-till as well as drilled at 7.5” row spacing. They will yield with all the top competitive soybean varieties out there, but what sets them apart from the competition is the ease of harvestability. They have great late season standability, and I use far less horsepower and fuel because 7240 soybeans combine so easy.

- Luehr Farms, Inc.
Wood River, Nebraska


7334™ is a good mid-group 3 soybean that works well on a wide range of soils and environments, which adds to its versatility.

- Tom Myers
Troy, Ohio

806™* Series

I'm very happy with NuTech Seed corn and soybeans. I planted G2® Genetics brand 806™* series and the yield monitor averaged 250 bushels per acre -- my combine ran out of power. With the performance of NuTech Seed corn and soybeans along with customer service, I am very pleased.

- Bart Fannin
Orient, OH

Consistent Yields

NuTech Seed sunflowers, along with DuPont™ Express® , have provided my customers and myself with consistent top yields.

- Spence Koenig, Direct Ag Supply
Mandan, North Dakota

Cutting-Edge Genetics

I plant NuTech Seed because I am getting the latest cutting-edge elite genetics and great service.

- Lance Blythe
La Harpe, Illinois


The supply chain managers and business development manager at NuTech Seed have proven their dedication to the entire sales force time and time again. In a situation where a grower required seed over a holiday weekend, they rallied together to ensure that seed was delivered quickly so that the farmer could get his seed in the ground right away. Their dedication to the sales force raises the bar far above other seed companies.

- Brian Thomsen
Clear Lake, Iowa


As a New Dealer to the NuTech Seed family, I have been very impressed with the variety of seed choices. This impressive selection allows me the opportunity to help my customers select the best variety to be successful. The team at NuTech Seed is fantastic to work with and provides us the tools necessary to be a successful part of their sales team.

- Mark Chamberlain
Litchfield, Michigan

NuTech Seed Grain Sorghum

I have been selling and planting NuTech Seed sorghum for several years now and have been very pleased with the results. The complete portfolio that NuTech offers fits all of our planting windows and conditions. From early planted sorghum in cool soils to late planted double crop sorghum, I have had exceptional yield, emergence and stress tolerance in all row widths and tillage practices. It is exciting to be able to offer products that I am confident will perform in all of these conditions.

- Cody Swinehart
Norwich, Kansas

NuTech Seed soybeans with the LibertyLink® trait

My customers love NuTech Seed soybeans with the LibertyLink® trait. They experienced increase in yield, clean fields and the chemical application was easy. Prior to that, they had glyphosate resistant weed issues. It's safe to say they are now hooked on LibertyLink and NuTech Seed.

- Chantal Paxton
Quincy, Michigan

NuTech Seed Sunflowers

The ExpressSun® Sunflowers from NuTech Seed are the “most common sense” hybrids in the industry. NuTech sunflowers offer proven performance in University trials as well as excellent yield, test weight, oil content and plant health. Mid or hi-oleic, combined with Express® herbicide tolerances make them the “choice” to select when purchasing seed for your fields.

- Justin Heinle
Bismarck, North Dakota


NuTech Seed has afforded us the opportunity to not only plant and sell a superior product, but to work with a team of people that are second to none, offering support at every level. We are proud to sell the NuTech Seed brand and support Team Korn as we grow throughout Michigan and Northern Indiana.

- Sam & Beth Korn
Athens, Michigan


As long as NuTech Seed keeps putting out products like they do, I know my sales are going to grow. More and more people are hearing about NuTech Seed, through F.I.R.S.T. trials and word of mouth. My goal is to build my dealership to where I can have the freedom and the choice to just sell seed and farm full time."

- Steve Schultz
Watertown, Wisconsin


When the opportunity to become a Dealer was offered to me, I didn't know too much about NuTech Seed. I asked my friend and longtime seed dealer and he told me NuTech Seed had a growing reputation for being a very good seed company. He recommended that I take it on because of all the positive things he had heard about NuTech Seed. I plan to continue to be a dealer for a long time because of the relationship that I have with both my DSM and all of the other dealers under him. We have a lot of fun and really feel taken care of. I am happy to be part of the NuTech Seed family. Go Team Korn!

- Justin Parks
Grass Lake, Michigan


I have been raising NuTech Seed for the last four years. I have some of the best yields I have ever produced. I am completely satisfied with NuTech Seed.

- Dennis Peregrine
Westboro, Missouri