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Central Region Update - January 2018

The best way to beat low commodity prices and variable input costs is to out yield them. That strategy seemed laughable going into harvest but we quickly realized there were more bushels out there than we thought, a lot more. Once again, NuTech Seed’s corn and soybean varieties had phenomenal performance in University and Independent trials, as well as, across the region on many thousands of acres.
The success wasn’t limited to a few top hybrids or varieties. We saw excellent performance throughout the entire line up which allows growers to be confident in planting a package to better manage risk through genetic diversity and a wider harvest window.
NuTech Seed soybeans with the LibertyLink® gene stood out in both yield and clean fields. Growers also appreciated the Peking source of resistance in some of our varieties to better manage soybean cyst nematode.
The cattlemen and dairymen also experienced stellar performance with our alfalfa and silage.
Our diverse portfolio of genetics, herbicide & insecticide traits, and conventional varieties offer farmers the choices they need to capitalize on profitability.

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