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Midwest Region Harvest Update

Harvest has begun in the Midwest region! Most growers I have talked to are happy with the yields they are seeing so far, with the growing season they have had. From my perspective, the higher yields are coming from the growers that had a plan and executed it all season long! They planted in good conditions, had a great fertility plan, applied a fungicide, and are targeting corn harvest in the mid to lower 20’s.
Soybeans are also getting started and once again, these growers had a plan! They chose a herbicide program that controlled their weeds and in 75% of the whole field yields I have heard of, those growers chose to go with a Liberty system. These soybeans had fungicide applied and a few of the better yields had a foliar spray applied as well.
Agronomically, the corn crop as a whole looks pretty good. I’m not seeing very much lodging in my travels, except a few spots of Anthracnose, and some minor root lodging in some low lying wetter areas. I have also seen some Anthracnose Top Dieback, which led to some premature plant death. This isn’t cause a whole lot of damage, it’s just making setting the combine a little more difficult.
On the Soybean side, the northern region seems to be hit hard by white mold this year. Frequent precipitation and cooler temperatures have let this pathogen thrive. Stands in the central and southern regions seem to be holding up so far.