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Midwest Region Update - January 2018

In 2017 the performance power of NuTech Seed shined once again, with a wide range of conditions and or environments.
Down south in Missouri they had pretty good planting conditions, got some hard pounding rains which led to some flooding and crusting, causing some replant acres. From the end of June through the rest of the growing season, most of Missouri got nice timely rains and had almost an optimal growing season.
Moving North, Iowa had a dry year for most of the state, with timely rains coming in August and September. These rains helped the crops along and a combination of rain and cooler temps helped finish both corn and soybeans. In some cases, it seemed to bring the soybeans back to life.
In Minnesota, most of the state had good planting conditions and then in July the rain came in and seamed to almost rain every week. A few of those rain events even had isolated areas that saw amounts approaching 10”. Along with the rain came cooler temps, which made it harder to get heat units, and made for a later harvest.
The Dakotas’ were the tail of two environments. The western portions of the Dakotas’ were dry and seamed to stay dry for most of the growing season. The Red River Valley started off with good planting conditions and got timely rains so that the crops never were stressed too much. They didn’t have the optimum conditions of the past few years, but over all had close to an average growing season.
In all of these conditions, our performance did not waver. In independent third party trials, we ended up with 8 First place district finishes, 23 Top 5 district finishes, and 19 Top 10 district finishes. This shows the performance and choices that NuTech Seed has. Whatever mother nature throws at our growers, NuTech Seed has the ability to step up and perform.

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