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The calendar has once again turned to spring and we find ourselves putting the seeds of a new crop into the ground. The smell of freshly tilled soil fills the air as the planters roll across the fields dropping those seeds of optimism with pin point accuracy. As soon as those seeds come in contact with the soil, soil-born fungi are trying to attack that seed and keep you from achieving those dreams of higher yields.

Seed treatments have long been used to protect seeds from these soil-born fungi and to help protect your seed investment. Combating these seedling diseases becomes harder and more complicated each year due to the fact there are multiple fungi or multiple species of fungi in any given field. However, not all pathogens are fungi. We have some organisms that are oomycetes. Controlling both fungi and oomycete can be challenging for any seed treatment, especially when it takes the seed 3-4 weeks before the seedlings start to emerge.

Here at NuTech we like to say “We lead with seed!" One of the ways that we do that is by providing growers with a premium seed treatment such as Poncho 500/VOTiVO at no extra 

charge. This premium seed treatment has just gotten better for the 2017 planting season with the addition of Ethaboxam to our portfolio.

Ethaboxam is a new novel thiazole carboxamide fungicide that we are adding to our seed treatment.  This addition of Ethaboxam gives NuTech Seed multiple modes of action to better protect seed/seedlings from oomycete pathogens such as Pythium. By having multiple modes of action against Pythium, growers will experience better control of seedling diseases and help them achieve that early stand establishment they are looking for. Too many times, growers have learned the hard way that it takes multiple modes of action to help control most targeted pest.

Now you have one more tool in your toolbox to help you reach your dreams of higher yields. Rest assured that we will not stop there. We will continue to look for other promising seed treatments and to continue to provide more value to our growers.

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