Corn Hybrid Identification

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First Character:
Denotes the presence or absence of a transgenic
herbicide tolerance event

0  Conventional
(absence of any transgenic event)
3  Glyphosate tolerant
(NK603 or GA21 event)
5  Glyphosate tolerant/LibertyLink® Herbicide Stack
(NK603 or GA21/Bt11, T-25 or TC1507 event stack)
Second Character:
Denotes the presence or absence of a transgenic
insect resistance event(s)
A  Absence
(no transgenic event)
B  Agrisure® CB/LL
(Bt11 event)
D  Optimum® AcreMax® Extra Insect Protection
(Mon 810/TC1507/DAS59122-7 event stack
plus 10% blend of NK603 hybrid)
F  Optimum® AcreMax® Insect Protection
(Mon 810/TC1507 event stack
plus 5% blend of NK603 hybrid)
G  Agrisure Viptera® 3110
(MIR 162/Bt11 stack)
H  Herculex® I
(TC1507 event)
L  Optimum® AcreMax® Xtreme
(MIR 604/Mon810/TC1507/DAS59122-7 event
stack plus 5% blend of similar hybrid that
serves as refuge component)
N  Agrisure® Rootworm/CB/LL
(MIR 604/Bt11 event stack)
R  Optimum® TRIsect™
(MIR 604/TC1507 event stack)
V  Agisure Viptera® 3111
(MIR 162/MIR604/Bt11 event stack)
X  Herculex® XTRA
(TC1507/DAS59122-7 event stack)
Y  YieldGard® Corn Borer/Herculex® Xtra
(without refuge component)
(Mon 810/TC1507/DAS59122-7 event stack)
Z  YieldGard® Corn Borer/Herculex® I
(without refuge component)
(Mon 810/TC1507 event stack)
Last Three Characters:
Denote a specific hybrid family or series (ie. 709™).
Hybrid family or series may be available in
several different technology versions.
Last Two Characters:
Denote relative maturity.  "09" indicates a relative
maturity of 109 days, while a "97" would indicate
97 days.
The suffix behind the hybrid name may be required by
some technology providers and summarizes the information
described by the first 2 characters of the hybrid name.


Corn Maturity Zones

The map below illustrates general corn maturity zones. Be sure to select the NuTech corn hybrids suitable to your conditions and relative maturity zone in order to ensure optimum performance.