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Darrell Feenstra of New Holland, South Dakota, is the winner of the Most Valuable Dealer Award for February.

Darrell has been selling seed for 36 years and has been with NuTech Seed since its inception. District Sales Manager Dan Van Drongelen estimates that Darrell has been selling NuTech Seed for 15 years.

“I’m really happy with NuTech Seed,” Darrell said. “I’ve gone through five different companies and this company is really family oriented.”

One thing that Darrell appreciates is being on a first-name basis with so many people within the NuTech Seed organization.

“When you go to meetings, the top people know you by your first name,” he said. “Everyone at the company really works with you. It’s a good company to work for.”

A native of New Holland, Darrell and his wife have two children and three grandchildren. Their son and daughter-in-law are raising their children, ages 9 and 13, in New Holland, while their daughter lives in Crooks, just north of Sioux Falls, with her son who is six.

Darrell says that his family keeps him pretty busy; he spends a lot of a time going to ball games to watch his grandchildren play.

In addition to selling NuTech Seed, Darrell also farms 480 acres and raises livestock.

Darrell is very happy with the seed that he plants and sells from NuTech Seed.

“We have good seed, good genetics,” he said. “I don’t really have a lot of complaints.”

One of the big differentiators from other seed companies is the fact that NuTech Seed offers LibertyLink® soybeans.

“I’m planting 100% Liberty® beans and 70% of my bean sales this year were Liberty®,” Darrell said. “Liberty® has really increased my bean sales. I’m up 1000 bags from last year because of Liberty and the performance.”

Darrell sees solid performance in both NuTech Seed corn and soybeans in his area. He added that he has about a dozen customers that plant 100% NuTech Seed.

“They are very happy with it and they keep coming back,” he said. “NuTech Seed is easy to sell. Once you get the customers started on it, they come back.”


We greatly appreciate all the hard work that Darrell has done for NuTech Seed. If you know of a NuTech Seed Dealer who you think deserves the M.V.D. award, please let us know by emailing with your nomination.