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NuTech Seed Optimum® AQUAmax® hybrids offer additional choices to help minimize risk and maximize productivity on every acre. Optimum AQUAmax hybrids provide improved yield potential under heat & drought stress and offer top-end yield potential under optimal growing conditions. Optimum AQUAmax hybrids deliver multiple modes of action through a suite of native traits. Drought tolerance is controlled by a large number of genes and is heavily influenced by environmental factors (i.e. heat, water stress, soil types). These hybrids also include key native traits which improve the mechanisms associated with better performance under water limited environments.

The following G2® brand Optimum® AQUAmax® hybrids contain the latest technology packages. All are available for the 2018 planting season. For specific placement and management recommendations, contact your local NuTech Seed dealer or District Sales Manager.