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Hybrid Corn Treatments

Poncho®/VOTiVO® Seed Treatment for Corn

NuTech Seed is constantly searching for seed products and treatments that bring maximum value and convenience to our growers. That’s why every bag of NuTech Seed for the 2018 planting season will come with Poncho®/VOTiVO® seed treatment. Poncho/VOTiVO seed treatment helps ensure that your corn seed is protected from the moment it is planted through the critical stages of early season development.

Corn hybrids from NuTech Seed treated with Poncho/VOTiVO® seed treatment contain twice the rate of Seed Applied Insecticide as most seed corn brands. This higher rate provides increased control of wireworm, black cutworm, white grub, and other early season pests. Poncho/VOTiVO also provides a new biological mode of action that introduces a revolutionary way to protect corn seedlings and roots against nematodes. VOTiVO contains a unique strain of bacteria that lives and grows with young corn roots, creating a living barrier that nematodes can’t penetrate. The bacteria colonize and grow around the root creating a living barrier of protection.

Nematode damage is becoming more widespread across the Midwest due to reduced usage of carbamate and organophosphate insecticides, increases in reduced tillage, and more continuous cropping. Poncho/VOTiVO protects corn roots from root-lesion, dagger, spiral, needle, stubby-root, stunt, Columbia-lance, sting, and rootknot nematodes.

The Key to Unlocking Higher Yield Potential

Our next generation of seed corn products is almost here. Qrome products will include new, innovative technology to unlock yield potential within industry-leading genetics. Qrome products will feature dual modes of action to defend against above-and below-ground pests along with strong agronomic and disease resistance packages for maximum on-farm performance. This unrivaled combination of top-tier genetics, strong defensive traits, and advanced seed treatments will help growers achieve higher productivity on each acre.

In extensive research testing across a broad range of genetic platforms, Qrome products deliver a significant yield improvement over legacy triple-stack technology. Through more-efficient breeding, Qrome products bring a wider pipeline of high performance products in a broad range of maturities across the product lineup.