For some there were stories of the wet spring, for some there has been loss, and for most, there have been delays and concern.  What does late planting mean for the farm? Let’s try and put it into perspective.  The cornbelt does not reach 50% planted by May 10th about 20% of the time in recent history.  When delayed past the 10th, we are below trendline yield a high percentage of that time.  Remember, trendline is a national average, some will do very well planting well into June, some will have more challenges as the days pass.  Many have experienced planting or replanting in early June with very high yields.

As planting is delayed, it is even more critical to not “push” the date.  Sidewall compaction and inconsistent emergence will be amplified.  Make good decisions on where to go and when.  With the warmer temperatures, things do dry out faster.

Hybrids were selected for each field for a reason.  Stick with the plan through the month.  Watch the markets for possible opportunity to lock in some new crop bids with the delay, and plan for a burndown or perhaps a second tillage pass to help create a proper seedbed. 

Even when it is wet, we still get to see the corn today.  It’s just not up and going yet – best wishes!

Brad Damery
General Manager