The NuTech Seed® Lifestyle

What does success in farming look like?

Record-setting bushels per acre? Getting top dollar at harvest time? Those things are certainly important, but at NuTech Seed®, we believe that they’re only part of a larger picture. In our opinion, true success in farming only comes when you can enjoy it with your family and friends. We’ve given a name to that life, where hard work pays off in shared comfort, joy and fond memories. We call it the NuTech lifestyle, and it rests on three pillars: Success, Enjoyment and Family.


In farming, there aren’t any easy shortcuts or handouts. So you work hard to earn your yields year after year, the same way NuTech Seed works to earn your acres.

You won’t always win- that’s farming- but work hard and work smart and, with a partner like NuTech Seed at your side, you’ll win much more than you lose.


Hard-won successes deserve to be celebrated. Making the most of those happy times with family and friends makes aII the effort worthwhile. At NuTech Seed, we know the value of taking a moment to toast your success. In fact, we consider your success the biggest measure of ours.


Farming can seem like a solitary pursuit much of the time, but you’re never really alone out there. You’ve got a group of people that are in your corner no matter what . They rush in to help shoulder your burdens without thinking twice, and news doesn’t seem completely real until you’ve shared it with them. We all strive to build good things in this life; family provides both the reason for striving and the solid bedrock we build upon. Our NuTech Seed family is proud to support all the efforts you make on behalf of yours.

The NuTech Lifestyle is about working hard without losing sight of what’s really important. Do this, and the successes become a little more enjoyable, the occasional setbacks a little more tolerable. Seeing the happiness, safety and comfort it provides your family fills your tank and gives you the energy and resolve to go back out and do it again.

Our Family Story

NuTech Seed® and Pfister® join to form larger regional brand

Pfister® and NuTech Seed® have combined to become the main regional seed brand in the Central Corn Belt for Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont™.

Today’s NuTech Seed is rooted in the qualities that have made two brands—Pfister Seeds and NuTech Seed—so successful. The Pfister brand brings a lifestyle centered around success, enjoyment and family. The NuTech Seed brand brings an incredibly strong and proven product portfolio. Both companies are fueled by passionate and knowledgeable seed professionals. These parts combine to create something truly unique, a brand we think our friends and fellow agriculturalist will not only appreciate but admire. To learn more about this exciting change, read our press release.