Finally, we get to the field.  Alex on the field cultivator must have Wednesday afternoon off, Jenna has a softball game Thursday and there is rain in the forecast for Saturday.  Dad just pulled up alongside the field, wants to see how the new planter is working and maybe try it out for a round…  Just breathe.  As with every spring, they are hectic, but you got this.

You would gladly trade that extra couple hours you need to run tonight for the smile when you make the softball game, or the story next winter about how that new planter was really something to see run.  It’s the lifestyle that leaves the impression.  Every season is a chapter, very few go exactly as planned, but you get a chance to enjoy each one in a unique way.

Get the crop in the ground and take notice as it turns the field green.  You started the cycle, now do what you can to help the crop thrive.  The investment is large, and the farm economy is challenging, but the right investments pay off well.  Find out what your fellow NuTech lifestyle enthusiasts think are the best return to resources at one of our events this summer.  We will all see the corn today.

Brad Damery
General Manager