Offering outstanding seed products is just one step in the process of getting NuTech seeds into farmer’s fields. Then orders have to be delivered to farms throughout NuTech territory. During seed delivery time, our customer service representatives (CSRs) keep orders organized and flowing while a fleet of trusted delivery drivers hit the road, getting every NuTech order where it needs to be. During delivery season, 1,100 trucks transport NuTech® seed to customers. Each truck makes an average round trip of 200 miles, for a total of 220,000 miles, or 80 trips across the U.S. — that’s one heck of a road trip!

We couldn’t succeed without the dedication of our CSRs, drivers and trucking companies. And they’re full of appreciation for one another, too!

Randy Robison, Owner, Fern Cliff Trucking LLC:

“We work directly with the customer service representatives dispatching us to deliver and pick up seed for the NuTech dealer network. We really enjoy working with these folks! They are accessible and very responsive when the inevitable crazy situations in transport and distribution arise. We really appreciate the common-sense approach they use in getting the seed out to the country. NuTech CSRs are good at what they do! Looking forward to a great 2021 season!”

Monique Cullotta, NuTech Customer Service Representative:

“Fern Cliff is a great example of living the NuTech Lifestyle—working hard without losing sight of what is important. Fern Cliff is always willing to go the extra mile and do what it takes to get the job done, all with a smile from start to finish, which truly makes a difference to everyone they come into contact with. I am grateful for people who motivate me to grow, work harder, achieve and smile!

Julie Westerfield, NuTech Customer Service Representative:

“[Kincaid Trucking and K.D. Wilson Trucking] drivers go above and beyond for NuTech, always willing to help out when a farm needs a delivery at the last minute. They are respectful at the farm and warehouses, calling ahead, letting them know when they will arrive and taking care when loading and unloading the seed. They work well with our whole team and understand the NuTech Lifestyle.”

Lee Reich, Trucker, Reich Trucking:

“As we start off this new shipping season, we rekindle relationships from the office personnel through to the warehouses, DSM and producers. They all make this process of delivering seed a smooth transition. We enjoy working with everyone involved.”

Kevin Reeser, Trucker, Reeser Trucking, LLC:

“Working with NuTech has always been a pleasure. From quality individuals building the loads with outstanding paperwork to the farmers we deliver the quality seed to. We have been hauling seed for NuTech for several years and look forward to many more.”

Connor Kelley, Trucker, MK Farms, Inc.:

“The best part about hauling seed for NuTech is the opportunity to meet each customer and see a small glimpse of their farming operation. I enjoy talking to the customers about their farming practices and, in some cases, applying those thoughts/ideas to my own operation.”