Focus on the things that we can control including these practices:

  • Maintain normal planting depth, no shallower than 2”
  • Research suggests normal planting populations
  • Certainly, we’ve lost part of any applied nitrogen, in-season N management will be crucial for yield and late season stalk integrity this year
  • Fungicide will likely provide a nice return and improve late season stalk quality

Think about these things if switching hybrids:

  • If it’s late enough to switch to an earlier maturity, move up at least 5 days in relative maturity
  • Consider your drying capacity and bushels to be dried. How many bushels and how wet will your marketing location take?  Have those conversations now.
  • Some researchers have noted corn planted after May 15 needs approximately 50 Growing Degree Days (GDD) less to black layer. Don’t count on this, but it can occur and give you a little leeway.
  • In Iowa, average GDD accumulation from May 1 to September 30 is 2650 to 2800 from about Hwy 20 down to Hwy 30, and 2800 to 2950 from Hwy 30 to I-80 respectively.
  • We are at least 100 GDD behind normal; NuTech 308 family takes 2600 GDD to black layer

What Hybrid?

  • An old saying on replant and late planted corn: you plant what you have in the shed. Joking aside, the hybrid must be available in order to plant it.
  • Ideal hybrid characteristics include good test weight, medium to shorter statured, early flowering and good plant health.