The 2023 farming season saw impressive yields for farmers across NuTech territory, showcasing the resilience of NuTech Seed® brand products. We talked to some of our dealers and customers to gain insights into their experiences, challenges, and the factors contributing to their harvest success.

David Brown

Brown and Brown Farms | Macon County, Illinois

Brown and Brown Farms, a loyal NuTech customer for four years, saw consistent and competitive yields with NuTech Seed brand corn varieties. David Brown, along with his brother Joe and son Case, planted 104-day (64B5), 108-day (68A7), and 110-day (70A8) hybrids. Choosing the 104-day variety for an early start, they successfully spread the harvest, reaping benefits with yields ranging from 225 to 250 bu/A. Despite concerns about drought, ideal planting conditions and the improved genetic potential of NuTech Seed brand seeds helped them surpass expectations.

Mark Eilers

ECI Farms Inc. | Holland, Iowa

A NuTech customer for seven years, Mark Eilers, achieved impressive corn yields of 250 to 280 bu/A with varieties like 68A7, 68A9, and 71A2. Facing drought challenges, Eilers emphasized effective hybrid placement, furrow-applied fertilizer, and a meticulous three-pass nitrogen application as critical contributors to his success. Despite the dry conditions, there was minimal pest or disease pressure, thanks to timely spraying and fungicide use. Eilers looks forward to exploring new hybrids like 66D1 and 71A2 in the upcoming season.

Scott Hurt

H&H Agri-Business LLC | Elkton, Kentucky

NuTech’s newer customer, Scott Hurt, wrapped up his second season and witnessed robust yields in corn and soybeans. Planting varieties like 77A5, 72D4, 70B4, and 74A9, Scott attributed their success to well-suited hybrid placement. Overcoming adverse weather conditions, including heavy rain and hot, dry spells, Scott highlighted the effectiveness of seed treatments in combating issues like sudden death syndrome (SDS). In 2024, he plans to expand his use of NuTech Seed brand seed, including the promising 75C1 corn hybrid.

Jonathan Ayer

Fairview Farms | McLean County, Kentucky

Jonathan Ayer, a new member of the NuTech family, planted NuTech Seed brand corn for the first time in 2023. Choosing varieties like 68A7, 70A8, and 72D4, Jonathan was particularly pleased with the latter, yielding an impressive 255 bu/A. Even in instances of replanted corn, NuTech Seed demonstrated resilience, displaying minimal stress during the growth period. Jonathan plans to increase his NuTech acreage next year, emphasizing the positive experience of working with NuTech as akin to dealing with a family rather than a corporation.

Justin Graves

Justin and Allyson Graves | Grundy Center, Iowa

Justin Graves, planting NuTech Seed brand seed for four years, achieved commendable results, with corn averaging 250 bu/A with 68A7, 68A9, and 70A8. His soybeans at 65 bu/A, planting 22N03 and 25N04. Facing a significant challenge of drought in 2023, Justin credits hybrid placement and population recommendations from NuTech experts for their success. Justin is eager to experiment with new hybrids like 71A2 and 70F6.

The success stories of these farmers from NuTech territory highlight the pivotal role played by NuTech Seed brand products in achieving robust yields, even in the face of challenges such as drought and adverse weather conditions. The commitment to innovation, hybrid placement strategies, and collaborative support from NuTech experts have undoubtedly contributed to the prosperity of these farming operations. As we gear up for the 2024 spring planting, farmers can look forward to the continued growth and success that NuTech Seed brand products bring to their fields.