Back in the late summer of 2019, the NuTech product advancement team was out walking test plots when a particular hybrid caught their eye. She was a real stand-out for emergence and early growth. It was time to nurture her potential and see what she could do in the field.

She got her start in a few plots around the region under the watchful eye of NuTech farmers who carefully charted her progress and performance. Gathering all the data called for patience, but the enthusiasm was hard to contain.

By January, it was clear she was a winner. Dubbed 70A8AM™*BRAND ,she was ready for her star-turn.

What makes 70A8AM™*BRAND so special? She started off strong, but what really impressed everyone was her ability to go the distance all season long.  Mid-statured, with medium ear height, she’s a stunner in the field. The boss calls her “landlord corn”—the kind you drive by and admire so much, you want her on all your tenant acres.

It’s not all about her looks, either. She’s a hybrid of substance: anchored by strong roots that stand up to wind events, agronomically sound and able to thrive just about any place she’s planted. And when the combine hits her, she shows her stuff, with impressive yields you can take all the way to the bank.

The NuTech team knew they had a winner on their hands and entered 70A8AM in all the big third-party trials in 2020. She didn’t let them down, placing in the top-five consistently all across the Central Corn Belt.

She’s as reliable as they come, and she’s earned her place in the NuTech portfolio and on more and more acres. Get to know her, you won’t be disappointed.