The 2023 dry growing season didn’t slow down the NuTech product line, which continued to deliver solid yields for corn and soybeans, according to NuTech Agronomists Keith Niemeier and Chris Adams. Here are their observations on the 2023 season and what it might mean for 2024.

Strong Yield Despite Drought

One of the defining features of the 2023 season was the scarcity of rainfall, presenting a formidable challenge for farmers. Yet, the NuTech product lineup exceeded expectations, showing exceptional performance even in one of the driest years in recent memory.

Keith emphasized the outstanding success of the 70B4AM 110-day corn hybrid, which showed remarkable performance across diverse regions, yielding 270 bu/A or better in many areas.

The feedback on new soybean varieties was equally promising, introducing a new level of disease tolerance, agronomics, and higher yields.

Challenges Faced Beyond Drought

While the drought posed a significant hurdle, it was not the sole obstacle during the 2023 season. Both Keith and Chris acknowledged the impact of challenging planting decisions and the subsequent stress of making the right choices in terms of timing. The early side of planting faced cool soil temperatures, and as conditions became more favorable, wetter soil added complexity to the decision-making process.

Keith highlighted an added challenge related to pre-emergent herbicides, which required moisture for activation. Unfortunately, the drought deprived farmers of this essential moisture, affecting the control of early weeds. However, the drought did offer some relief from disease pressures, as dry conditions deterred the early onset of certain diseases.

Learning Opportunities

Despite the adversities faced during the 2023 season, Chris emphasized the importance of using this experience as a learning opportunity. He recommends considering the big picture when making hybrid and management decisions. He advocates for a comprehensive approach considering proper drainage, soil fertility, seeding depth, and foliar plant health management.

AQUAmax® Shows Impressive Performance

Corn yields exceeded expectations, with the AQUAmax® hybrids showcasing durability, stress tolerance, and impressive yields. Stalk and ear shank cannibalization were anticipated due to the drought, but farmers who adhered to management plans experienced minimal standability issues.

Soybean yields were equally commendable, with new varieties like 34N02E and 36N02E standing out for their exceptional performance.

Looking Ahead

The NuTech portfolio, from corn to soybeans, is solid from top to bottom, offering farmers a wide range of options. Chris expressed confidence in the upcoming class of soybeans and teased the introduction of new, high-performing corn hybrids. The sentiment is clear – despite the hurdles faced, the farmers are in a strong position, ready to tackle the 2024 season with NuTech.