It’s been a long and challenging harvest season, and while you’re no doubt busy making plans for this year, winter is a great time to take all those things that fell off your to-do list throughout the year and make them a priority.

Here are 10 ways to recharge your batteries and strengthen your connections during the slow(er) season.

  1. Find those walking shoes: Start walking, or choose some activity to get the blood flowing. Most people find they think more clearly, sleep better and have more energy after they spend at least 45 minutes walking per day. Outside or on the treadmill, they both work!
  2. Take your spouse on a date: By now, we’re all tired of “combine cab cooler” meals and watching the news for entertainment. Reward yourself and your partner with a fun activity that’s out of the ordinary.
  3. Head to a game: It’s basketball season—and volleyball, hockey and more. Watch your kids, grandkids or the local team play. Show your support by showing up. They’ll know, and appreciate, having you there to cheer them on.
  4. Say thank you: Gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving. The end of the year is the perfect time to let the people involved in your operation know how much you appreciate what they do.
  5. Get some sunshine: Gray winter days can zap your energy. Get outside on days when the sun is out—even if it’s cold. If you can, get away altogether to a sunnier place. Travel is a great way to shake up the routine, learn something new and relax.
  6. Get a second opinion: You may feel great, but an off-season checkup with your medical professional is always a good idea. If you’ve been too busy to make an appointment, now’s the time.
  7. Give: Donate your time, your expertise or your resources to a cause you care about. Somewhere in your community, there’s an organization that needs you. There’s no greater feeling than giving back.
  8. Dive into the numbers: Focus in on the details of your business. Where are you leaking revenue? Where do you have opportunities to improve your return? Making a plan and setting goals is a big motivator going into the spring.
  9. Seek out a fellow farmer: Seed is the most important input decision you will make this year. Spend some time with a trusted colleague and fellow Lifestyle enthusiast and reconfirm your plan.
  10. Celebrate: Make time to cherish the holidays and welcome 2020. Make it a year of success, enjoyment and family.