Meet Brad Johnson, Lead Agronomist and Product Manager

Brad Johnson grew up on a cattle farm just west of Des Moines, Iowa. A self-described “show jock” in his teens, he had little interest in agronomy until a college internship changed his path. “I spent a summer in northwest Iowa living out of hotel rooms,” Brad recalls. “I was working with farmers over some complaints about a chemical carryover issue that was causing purple corn. I spent all day, all summer, hearing complaints. And I just loved it.”


Lending a sympathetic ear

For Brad, hearing complaints wasn’t draining—it was an opportunity. He says, “I loved going around and meeting farmers and learning about their operations, and then the thrill for me was, I was the guy bringing them the first contact on this problem, walking them through it, explaining it and giving them a solution.”

Those skills would serve Brad well through 20+ years in agronomy. “You learn real quick in this business you’re better off letting the customer talk,” he says. “9 times out of 10 the customer will tell you what he wants or needs.”


Customer-centric agronomy

Brad feels the best way to offer solutions is to listen first. Brad believes in building relationships with his customers over years. Only when trust has been built up can an agronomist have a deep discussion with a farmer and help lead them to the best solutions for their acres. “My goal is, ‘How do I walk out of there when we’re done and feel like I’ve helped that farmer?’” Brad says. “I want to have helped him take a step in the right direction.”

Sometimes, that involves helping a grower change their perspective on a particular piece of ground. “When you’ve done the same things for so many years, you get caught in a cycle,” Brad says. “Maybe a particular area we’re talking about is never going to produce 250 bushels. Maybe it’s a 200-bushel parcel, and that’s how we need to manage it, so you’re not wasting money, resources and time.” For Brad, the approach is straightforward. “When you step on that farm, your job, what you have to be thinking in your mind is, ‘How do I help this guy be more successful?’”


Boots on the ground

Brad has worked to form a NuTech agronomy team that is different from most. “Our job is to get into the country, get nose-to-nose with the farmer, get a little dirty and have a little fun. If you’re not doing that, you’re not doing your job.”

When NuTech customers have an issue or concern, Brad wants his team to be their first call. To make that happen, Brad says, “You still need boots on the ground and your sales force walking onto that farm. You still have to have that human experience: ‘Hey, I’m Brad Johnson and this is what I do for NuTech Seed.’ If you don’t have that, you’re just a guy on the other end of the line.”

“I know I’ve hit my objective when I get a ‘thank you’ from a grower,” Brad says. “I couldn’t be prouder to be part of the NuTech team.”

Get in touch with Brad and the NuTech agronomy sales team at:  [email protected]