Spring is inviting, spring is opportunity, spring is a time to give life. The intoxicating aroma of freshly turned soil, the blinding glare in the tractor cab from both sunrise and sunset. It is a time to relish being someone who puts a handful of seeds in the ground in order to turn them into a truckload of grain. You are a farmer; growing things is what you do.

You have grown the business, grown a few crops, and you have fond memories of both. Memories that swell into emotions from past seasons, experiences working side by side with family and friends. You have grown relationships, received and passed along knowledge and the things that made your business unique. The journey has been rewarding, and you have grown yourself. Would you have done a few things different over the years if you had another chance? Probably, but you wouldn’t trade the lesson learned for anything. It’s spring, it’s time to learn again.

As the planters get rolling, we want to wish you a safe plant ‘19. Hopefully you’ll put your knowledge of prior seasons to use and learn even more this year. If you’re already a NuTech lifestyle enthusiast, we want to thank you for putting your acres and trust in us, and if you’re not, feel free to reach out to your local NuTech rep to find out what the NuTech lifestyle is all about. We look forward for what is to come this growing season and for an exciting, bountiful harvest!

Have you seen the corn today?

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our Plant ’19 Spotify playlist!

Brad Damery
General Manager