With over 30 years of experience in the seed industry, NuTech Regional Sales Manager Greg Boeke understands the hard work and dedication of Midwest corn and soybean farmers. That’s why NuTech offers more than just high-quality seeds. It fosters a family community through its customer trip program, a company cornerstone and extraordinary approach to expressing appreciation for its customers.

Each year, NuTech Seed honors this tradition by inviting farmers to participate in their annual winter trip – a gesture of gratitude for farmers’ business and trust. The recent trip to Costa Rica is a prime example, where customers from around the Midwest enjoyed a retreat that was both a vacation and a collaborative networking event. Overseeing the Northern Illinois region, Greg shares insights into these trips’ deeper significance: “It’s about connecting on a personal level, in a setting far removed from the daily rigors of farming.”

“These trips aren’t just about leisure; they’re about building long-term personal and professional relationships,” Greg explains. The most recent expedition to Costa Rica’s Dreams Las Mareas hosted over 500 farmers, many of whom are returning travelers. These getaways are not just vacations but immersive experiences that blend relaxation with education and family.

During the trip, farmers engage in a 2-hour agricultural symposium to discuss various aspects of the industry, from marketing strategies to future expectations. The early morning Corn & Coffee sessions have become a staple for early risers eager to exchange business insights and learn from shared experiences. “These discussions can attract anywhere from 30 to 100 people. It’s a testament to our community’s thirst to learn from each other’s experiences,” Greg adds.

This sense of community is further enriched through networking opportunities where farmers discover they share more than just their profession; they share similar interests, values, and sometimes even neighboring lands. Greg fondly recalls, “On one trip, two farmers from different states realized their Iowa farms were less than a mile apart. It’s fascinating how these trips can reveal such connections.”

Greg has traveled on more than 20 trips, and one of the unexpected benefits of the trip Greg has witnessed is the camaraderie the trips bring to the farmers when it’s been a tough year. “Agriculture is at the mercy of Mother Nature. When a season doesn’t meet expectations, the trust and support within the NuTech family we have on these trips help us regroup and plan for next year,” Greg remarks.

As Greg puts it, “You never know where a conversation by the pool might lead.” The true spirit of the NuTech family shines through in these moments of shared stories and laughter. The trips symbolize a commitment to not just weather the storms together but to celebrate the successes and learn from every challenge faced in the fields.

NuTech Seed’s vision goes beyond cultivating crops; it’s about cultivating relationships that stand the test of time and adversity. Greg Boeke and the rest of the NuTech team continue to bring this vision to life: one trip, one conversation, one relationship at a time.